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    10" Solid Rubber Wheels

    From $120.38
    These Solid Rubber Wheels high-quality wheels are composed of two components: super elastic solid rubber and a hard rubber core. The tread is abrasion resistant with reinforced steel wire. These wheels provide great operational comfort, good floor preservation, and resists many aggressive chemical substances. The advantage of these wheels compared to standard pneumatic is they are puncture proof, maintenance-free, and allow for precise steering. With a reduced load capacity, maximum speeds of up to 15 mph are permissible. 70 Shore A.
    Made in Germany.

    Pneumatic Wheels 10-7/32" X 3-11/32"

    From $59.44
    Pneumatic wheels provide the highest operational comfort and floor preservation. They are also resistant to most aggressive chemicals. With a reduced load capacity, maximum speeds of up to 10 mph are permissible.
    Made in Germany.

    Shock-Absorbing Wheels

    From $17.44
    Shock-Absorbing Wheels have a special design for shock absorption properties prevents wheels from bouncing like standard pneumatic wheels. Ideal for transporting loads down stairs. Solid black molded rubber tread will never go flat. Steel hubs for maximum strength. Precision bearings with 5/8" inside diameter. Idea for 2 wheel dollies, and wheel barrow's.