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    Flip File Placard Sets

    Hazardous Materials Spacemaster Flip File Placard Sets

    Hazmat flip file placard sets are easy to find in the printable chart below. With all of the different arrays of hazardous placrds available, this will allow you to find your combination easily.

    Flip File Placard Chart in PDF format. 

    Spacemaster Flip File Placard Chart

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    Placard Set, 17 Legend

    From $26.70
    17 Legend Flip File Placard set contains 17 placards and a blank.

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    Placard Set, Flip File, Flammable Gas, Non-Flammable Gas, Oxygen

    81-CGOXY -GRP
    From $18.66
    Flip Placard set contains: Flammable Gas, Non-Flammable Gas, Oxygen

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    Placard Set, 10 Legend, Flip File

    From $22.20
    Flip Placard set contains: Dangerous,Flammable 3,Poison 6,Explosive 1.4,Corrosive 8,,Flammable Gas 2,Oxidizer 5.1,Radioactive 7,Non-Flammable Gas 2,Inhalation 6,Blank

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    Placard Set, 5 Legend, Flip File

    From $17.34
    Flip Placard: Dangerous, Flammable, Poison, Corrosive, Oxidizer.

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    Placard Set, 8 Legend, Flip File

    From $19.08
    Flip Placard set contains: Dangerous, Flammable Gas 2, Poison 6, Corrosive 8, Flammable Liquid 3, Oxidizer 5.1, Radioactive 7,Non-Flammable Gas 2,Blank

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    Placard Set, Explosive, 7 Legend

    From $22.90
    Placard Set, Explosive Flip File, 7 Legend