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    Ancra International

    Shippers Mall became a dealer and began offering the Ancra line of products in year 2000. Ancra International LLC designs and manufactures cargo restraint systems, and related components and assemblies. The company offers on-board cargo loading systems, aircraft seat and restraint fittings, and integrated and mechanical cargo loading systems for narrow and wide body aircraft; military application products; and specialty products and services. It provides cargo handling systems and equipment for the loading, handling, and restraint of airborne cargo, as well as an array of fittings, straps, nets, and specialty restraints. It serves aircraft, truck and trailer, military, and consumer markets in the United States and internationally.

    Ancra was founded in 1969

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    1 Inch Cambuckle F-Strap Assembly

    From $14.40
    Series 1" F Strap Assembly--Cam Buckle-12', 16' & 20'

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    1 Inch Ratchet and Cambuckle w/ Vinyl S Hooks Combo Pack 4/PK

    From $14.00
    2 Cambuckle and 2 Ratchet straps with Vinyl S-Hooks - 4 Pack

    1 Inch wide Purple Endless Round Slings

    From $4.85
    Round slings are color coded by width from 1" to 5"
    Purple is 1 inch wide

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    1" Cambuckle Strap w/vinyl S Hooks.

    From $8.19
    Retractable Ratchet Buckle 1"X6' w/vinyl S-hooks - 2 Pack

    1" Cambuckle strap with wire hooks.

    Cambuckle strap 1'X10' ' w/ Wire Hooks

    1" Double Ply Eye/Eye Nylon Sling

    From $8.80
    1 Inches Wide - Double Ply Eye to Eye Twisted Eye Nylon Lifting Sling

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    1" Ratchet Strap & Cambuckle Straps w/vinyl S Hooks.

    From $18.41
    4PK, Strap Assy--2 Cam, 2 Ratchet w/Vinyl S-Hooks

    1" Ratchet Strap w/vinyl S Hooks.

    From $11.05
    2 PK, Strap Assy--1"-Ratchet Buckle-10' w/vinyl S-Hooks

    1" x 10' 4-pack Ratchet Straps w/vinyl-coated “S” Hooks

    From $20.28
    4PK, Strap Assy 1"-Ratchet Buckle 10' w/vinyl S-Hooks

    1" X 8' Cambuckle Strap w/steel vinyl coated S Hooks. 4 Pack

    From $17.00
    4 PK, Strap Assy--1"-Cam Buckle-8' w/vinyl S-Hooks

    1/4" Cable Tiedown & Chain Anchor w/Grab Hook

    From $17.15
    1/4" x 30' or 32' Cable Tie down with 19" Chain Anchor

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    18" x 18" Cotton Flag With steel Rod (red)

    From $2.46
    18" x 18" Cotton Flag With steel Rod