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    American Made Moving Pads

    American Made Moving pad manufacturer. is a premier domestic manufacturer of high end moving supplies located in the heart of Kentucky. We have provided products to movers and moving supplier’s all around the United States for over 20 years. Offers name printed on the pads to deter theft.

    Located in Kentucky, with a distribution facility in New Jersey plant that is stocked on a weekly basis. Customer satisfaction is 100% guarunteed as we are here to make sure American moving companies keep their products protected at all times!

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    Economy Movers Pad or Warehouse Pads (1 DZN)

    From $85.00
    Economy Movers Pads or Storage blankets.
    Top: Heavy Non-Woven Fabric
    Middle: 18 oz Cotton
    Bottom: Heavy Non-Woven Fabric

    Economy Multi Color Pad (1 DZN)

    From $118.57
    Economy American Made Premium Multi-color moving blanket.
    Top: Light Woven Fabric
    Middle: 18 oz Cotton
    Bottom: Blue non-woven fabric

    Movers Pads - 1 DZN Premium HD Black/Black Multi-color

    From $178.57
    Heavy Duty American Made Premium Black/Black Multi-Color moving blanket. Priced per 1 DZN
    Minimum sold is 2 DZN
    Top: Black Woven Fabric
    Middle: 24 oz Cotton
    Bottom: Multi-color

    Premium Multi Color Pad (1 DZN)

    From $138.57
    American Made Premium Multi-color moving blanket.
    Top: Dark Woven Fabric
    Middle: 23 oz Cotton
    Bottom: Light Color Woven